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May 9, 2013
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Leader into a new time by Farphyni Leader into a new time by Farphyni
To be honest...I already finished it four days ago XD but I had some problems with the scanner /:

About the situation:
Here you can see Atho'messitho. During the "Extinction-War" on Altharion (time: a while after the smaller 15 continents formed 3 larger continents) between the two greatest Clans: Sagacitas (a settled Clan, which lives in the Great Mountains in the middle of the Continent) & Atrox (a nomads Clan with a way larger territory) [the conflict started because of the territory. Atrox also want parts of the mountain-territory, but Sagacitas don't want to give the Atrox even more territory than they already have & they wanted to have parts of the Atrox-territory as theirs was wy Atrox started small attacks at the outskirts of the Sagacitas-territory and after a while the war began.); Atho'messitho was born between this Clans, because his parents were one from the Sagacitas and one from the Atrox~, so no Clan wanted to have him. he started his life as a traveller and finally found a home in the "Death Desert", which is filled with poisonous "heavy gas" (the gas is only on the bottom; it looks like brown mists). He lives on the stone columns and learned how he can form them with his magic. He's a very powerful magician, and also clever enough to use this power in a wise way.
After the war reached his beloved desert, he finally made the descision to end this war. So he went to the leader of the Atrox Clan and also to the leader of the Sagacitas Clan and arranged a meeting in a "grey zone" - the death desert. (well, at first each leader wanted to kill Atho'messitho as they thought he's enemy, but even their best fighters/magicians couldn't harm him, so they wanted to hear what he wanted to tell them: he told them that he knew a way to end this war in a way that everyone is pleased in the end). So the leaders and also their consultants came. On one side of the desert was the full army of the Atrox waiting and on the other side the Sagacitas army. When the leaders & consultants arrived they wanted to know this way of ending the war. Atho'messitho smiled, "Both of you want to have as much territory as they can, right?" Everyone agreed. "Then just unite both clans so everyone can have all the territory." Immediately a heated discussion started. Atho'messitho waited and after a while both leaders had same question: "but who would be the knew leader? I don't to lead a clan with a creature who killed thousands of my people!" Atho'messitho didn't say a word for a while and just looked and the leader while he tried to find the right words to explain what he wants to say; "Don't you feel it? Time has changed and your time as leaders is over." Both leader wanted to say something angrily, but Atho'messithos charisma changed and the leader retreted full of respect for this creature who seems to be way older than it looks like. "Look at what you did to you clans - both of you! leaded them into ruin and death, and for what? For your vision of a perfect world!... but,...believe me! A split world can't be perfect." He waited a while and let the leader and consultants think about what he said, "Let your people choose a new leader, after you united them." Then he flew away, because he said what he wanted to and he knew that the finals descision is up to the leaders; he didn't want to force themto any desicion.
That's how the war ended. Of course also all the creatures wanted to know how it ended and the leaders and consultants told them, and they didn't conceal what Atho'messitho told them about a new leader. Then the time of choosing a new leader came and it was decided unanimous that Atho'messitho should become the knew leader. So the former leaders and consultants began to search Atho and finally found him in the middle of the desert. They told him their desicion. "I feel greatly honored, but I don't think that I am a leader", he answerd. The leader of the sagacitas grinned, "Of course you are. You lead as into a new time"
After he agreed to became the new leader he formed a bridge as a sign of the union of the clans above the desert and used his special power to do that.
He formed a council with wise/... creatures and also the leaders and consultants fo the old clans and so the continent could live in peace. ...But for how long? there are also other -unknown- continents...what if they come and won't be peaceful?

On the drawing he's forming the bridge with the new crowns at his head and at his wing-claw. He's looking forward into a new and good time (smybolized through his look to the bright sun)

Look at the drawing and try to find other -hidden- smyboles :dummy:

About Atho'messitho:
After he died he was chosn to be one of the Guardians. He became the Guardian of the Time.
Before that he was a hybrid-dragon. A hybrid between a sun and coral -dragon. He was a great and talented magician and also a wise fighter - he always tried to prevent a fight and solve a dissagreement in an other way.
During he lived in the desert he became friends with a humanoid magician who also lived there. (He's also on the drawing x3) He educated Atho and teached himall he need to know/can/... He's also in the council .-but more I don't what to tell about this magician.
-you can read more about him (as a Guardian) in my Guardian-Journal (… )

->>Mediums: watercolour, coloured pencils
->>Size: a little bit larger than A4

Hope ya like it :dummy:
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KeyboardingChihuahua Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This is just amazing!
Farphyni Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
Thank you very much :la:
windsweptart Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013
wow :o i usually only use watercolours and i never come out with anything as amazing as this! You are a role model :) it must have taken you a long time!
Farphyni Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
Thank you so much :la:
I guess I have needed about 3(or 4) days to draw it^^
windsweptart Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
This is amazing! what did you use? watercolour? acrylic?
Farphyni Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013
Thank you very much :) I used watercolours :la:
EagleFlyte Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have no words...... the colors and detail on this are just astounding.....

You are very talented indeed!! <3

Farphyni Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013
awwww, Thank you sooo much :la: :hug: C:
NINJAWERETIGER Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is amazing!
Farphyni Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
thank youuuu :happybounce:
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